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Synthetic thatch roofing in all its beauty!

Welcome to our online tour of the Palmex synthetic thatch roofing gallery. For more than a decade our thatching material has been used to complete a wide variety of projects including commercial, private and recreational buildings or structures. We have chosen a representative sample of our achievements to give you an overview of the potential and versatility of artificial thatch. The beauty of these thatched roofs naturally speaks for itself, though their longevity, resistance, convenience and cost-effectiveness may be considered even more convincing. Best of all, they provide you with a comforting sense of  peace, for having contributed to the protection of plant species used for natural roof thatching and to that of our natural environment at large. Consequently, their owners have every reason to feel deeply proud and satisfied with their choice.

Best of Palmex palm roof thatching accomplishments

To appreciate the true value of a thatched roof, one needs to consider it in its natural environment. Notice how gently it blends in with any surrounding vegetation or landscape and the sense of harmony it creates. Look how different artificial palm leaves allow for completely different impressions and styles. Then, all that is left to do, is to close our eyes and picture ourselves right there, under these thatched roofs.

The exceptional and unique adaptability of synthetic thatch roofing material allows it to lend itself to an infinite variety of roof designs and shapes. Admire…

Every single one of these thatch roof constructions bears its unique personality and that of its creator, yet all appear naturally stunning, do they not? Synthetic thatch roofing involves no unsightly contrast with their background, no blunt angles and no boring contours; merely heart warming harmony and eye pleasing tranquillity.

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