Palmex Original

Palmex Original collection offers a permanent solution for all of your projects around the world. When choosing us, you opt for exceptionally durable, resistant and recyclable products. You are selecting aesthetics that are virtually identical to natural roofing while choosing greater peace of mind with no maintenance and unbeatable longevity.

Palmex Exotic

Nuestra colección «PALMEX EXOTIC» ofrece una amplia variedad de techos de paja / palma sintética, materiales de superficie y decoración que replican los materiales de origen natural existentes alrededor del mundo. Si usted esta buscando caña asiática, africana o bambú, Palmex le ofrece productos de más alta calidad disponibles en el mercado. Confeccionados para proyectos sin mantenimiento, con larga vida útil y sin complicaciones adicionales.

Outdoor Living

Nuestra nueva colección «Outdoor Living» ofrece artículos de mobiliario que realzarán sus espacios al aire libre. Descubra nuestras sombrillas, adornadas con nuestra paja tropical sintética, que realzarán el aspecto con un toque exótico, ya sea para un hotel, un parque acuático o cualquier otro proyecto.

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Replace your thatch for the last time.

Palmex is currently the world leader in the production and distribution of synthetic roofing, surface and décor solutions used in the construction and renovation of traditional thatch projects.

In order to meet & exceed homeowners’ and the hospitality industry’s needs, our team has worked on designing and developing products that are both durable and maintenance free, with classic aesthetics. Our products stand as highly effective long-term solutions to issues of massive over-harvesting throughout the planet.

Palmex materials meet with the strictest safety standards, and with building and construction norms currently in place globally. Our products adapt to fit any architectural style or roofing type. Thanks to the high-end materials we use and to a manufacturing and installation process that are both unique and patented, Palmex is the perfect solution for all your needs.





Peace of mind

of mind

All-weather proof

Superior durability

Return on investment

Return on investment

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